Empowering Young Tween Girls Through Fashion

Naeem Khan SS 2106

Fashion has a way of empowering people. It defines an individual, and it is therefore very important to watch your clothing or wardrobe. Tween girls tend to dress in the same style. This has been the norm, but it does not give these girls an opportunity to stand out. As tweens grow, parents enjoy dressing children in the same type of clothes. However, as children grow, they develop their preferences and taste. Empowering women and particularly young women is very important. It is important to help teens and girls in general to develop their personality.  You can empower women through fashion inn many ways that include: –

Allowing the Girls to Choose Their Clothes

Teenagers are still in the care of their guardians. In most cases, the guardians determine what the teens wear which does not allow them to come out as individuals.  It is important for guardians to allow children to choose their clothing. Designers are now incorporating the opinion of teenagers all over the world when making clothes.

Creating A Unique Identity

 Twins fail to form their identity because they look alike and people expect them to behave the same. However, it is very important to form your own identity as a twin. Clothes and your style can differentiate you from your twin. It is important for twins to dress differently so that they can have their identity.  Designers have now made it easy for teens to create and design their clothes by offering online platforms that they can easily request for certain designs to be created for them.

Increase Confidence

The way you dress can improve or reduce your confidence.  When you are properly dressed, then you feel confident. Teens are at a stage where they are creating their character and identity. The society has a lot of influence on the type of character that these children develop. When a teen is accepted by the society, they tend to be confident and develop bold characters. The clothes that these teens wear influence how the society receives them which in turn affect their growth.

Having a personal style as a teen makes a teen bold. They can face the world as an individual who is crucial. It is even more important to have them design their clothes. When they design their clothes, they feel empowered because they have created something.

Fashion has a great influence on the character of an individual. The article highlights some of the ways that you can empower teenagers through fashion. It also indicates how designers all over the world are developing ways to empower teenagers through their clothing, visit website here!


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