How Fashion Can Help Empower Teenage Girls


How we look is a most appreciative thing, especially if people are pleased at our appearance but, most importantly, how we feel about ourselves. This, therefore, tells us that what we wear, such as outfitting into new clothes, certainly has a huge impact on our personal self-esteem and, no doubt, helping those who do have problems on low esteem get a boost from a simple transformation on one’s appearance. When you embrace fashion to work for you, it can compliment your figure and make you feel extraordinary, which is really one great thing about fashion because it gives you the sense of empowerment through appearance.

Research shows that 53% of 13 year old girls are not pleased with their physical endowment and the percentage increases as they grow older. Issues on physical image are prevalent problems among teenagers, as they are seriously concern with their weight and built. Notwithstanding, with media factor, such as the social media, contributing and somewhat dictating which appearance is better accepted globally, it is understandable how teenage girls can experience so much pressure on themselves, most especially, on where they should fit in. The good news is that there are websites on fashion for teens and bloggers who advocate young people into educating them about dressing for individual style and for different body shapes, which is a helpful outreach advocacy to teenagers who badly need a boost of their self-confidence and body image perception.

There’s this study which deals with the phenomenon called en-clothed cognition, which reveals that women who have a strong attachment to a garment and wearing it can directly affect their cognitive process. This means that if your brain is constantly fed with news about signature brand clothing that makes powerful and well-known women celebrities look incredible, you will also likely assume similar attributes from these icons if you wear their signature brand clothes. It just, therefore, proves to show that what influential people wear has power over others.

By carefully analysing the psychological dynamics of why the right clothes style at can contribute to self-confidence, boost self-esteems and make the wearer succeed in the workplace has actually become a big business online for fashion bloggers, including stylists and fashion consultants who are armed with great ideas on image building and fashion style.

These are the people who have succeeded in influencing teenagers with respect to wardrobe analysis, body and color choices, and branding. These virtual style consulting with individuals have found their niche in helping, especially teenage girls, be empowered with their fashion sensibility and advice, click here to get started!


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